About Daalder 3.0

Frans van Dam took over Café Daalder eight years ago. Back than, it was still a pub with your everyday pub food. His plan for the future of  Daalder was simple: serve top quality food for a reasonable price in an easy going ambiance. In the years that followed, Daalder became a culinairy hot spot for foodies of all ages, where the guests were always pleasantly surprised by the extremely high quality of the food, wine and service.

But since Dennis Huwaë can call himself patron-cuisinier the surprise of the Daalder experience is even greater. Dennis, who is used to cooking on a 2** Michelin star level aims for the stars and will continue to do so at Restaurant Daalder; cooking with pure ingredients which he allows to speak for themselves. His dishes are always pure of taste, seemingly simple but extremely complex on the palate.

For Huwaë creating a dish is a true quest for the perfect combination of ingredients, which complement and amplify each other. Huwaë is prepared to go the distance when it comes to creating a new dish. He searches for the inner beauty of every ingredient to bring out the best in each.

"Let nature do its work. Choose beautiful products and treat them with love and respect. Eventually it all boils down to love for the product and the time you are willing to invest in creating your dishes."
- Dennis Huwaë

In addition, the wine menu is made by Maitre Sommelier Tim Grashuis, who is also responsible for the widely acclaimed great service at Daalder. The team members are all selected for their interest in beautiful food and wines, but foremost for their friendliness and hospitality.

For the finishing touch, our team members are daringly dressed by Le Nouveau Chef!